The skies were sad for Laura

By Caroline Kinloch Jones – written at Club Vounaki  the day after Laura died.

 The sky was overcast and grey
A slight wind enabled a few on sailing courses to enter the water
By mid day the wind had dropped and the sea became a grey millpond
And the weather wept for Laura 

Many members of staff were missing
Unable to cope with the unbearable loss of such a young beautiful being
Those involved had tried so hard to save her precious life
But it was not to be
And the staff wept for Laura 

We who had the privilege of meeting Lynne and her beautiful daughters, Sarah and Laura
Were like automatons trying to rest, getting up, eating some food, supporting each other,
Wanting to be somewhere else but not knowing where
And we all wept for Laura

And now our thoughts are with Lynne and Sarah
Whose lives have changed forever
They have been cruelly robbed of their darling Laura who will no longer laugh and cry
And be physically with them
But her spirit and love will always be with them
And we will always remember Laura

(Caroline accompanied Lynne to the Hospital and stayed with her and Sarah throughout the night)


Laura’s gift

 by Gill Nall

 When your mind has seized to question
This tragic loss of life,
When acceptance stills the restless strife within,
When the healing hands of time have dulled the cutting
Edge of pain,

Then Laura’s treasured legacy begins.

For though she is taken from you
Her memory lives on,
Welling up unbidden in your heart
Moments shared came flooding back,
Borne on the wings of love,
In spirit you are never far apart.
You’ll recall the fun and laughter,
The many special times,
The warmth will give you flagging spirits lift.
Let every unwrapped treasure
Sustain you and inspire you,
For this is Laura’s everlasting gift.

There will always be those who die young, but if in their life their light has shone brightly that light will shine for all time.
Margaret Renshaw – Headmistress – NGHS Junior School

It is certain that Laura lived her life, short as it was, to the full, with confidence, and joy.
Peter and Bridget

Laura was such a great girl. She had a winning smile and a wonderful gift of making those around her happy. She’ll be missed very sorely and her memory will be cherished by all who knew her.
Andrina and Rudi Webb – Corsica 2002

I have never known a happier, sweeter, kinder, more loving child ever. We all adored her, as did everyone who ever met her. Who couldn’t? She was the sunshine of all our lives especially yours. For each star that burns brightest, each night when the moon is clearest, each flower that looks and smells sweetest, each day that dawns fresh and new, they will all remind us of Laura. For she was a gem and will be loved and remembered forever. She was so full of energy and spark, all of which can never be dulled in our memory. I shall never forget Laura, her smile, her cuddles and her joy. 


The most beautiful and popular girl at school. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will remember the good times you, Sarah and I had together.  I will promise to take care of Sarah for you – don’t worry. Sleep well beautiful.

I remember Laura when I was young and all those wonderful years we visited Sutton-on-Sea…… Laura grew up to be an intelligent and articulate young lady. Laura shall never be forgotten, I should like to always remember her bubbly, friendly and sparkling personality omplete with her finest pair of Jonathan James Boots. –


Laura was a delightful girl. I loved listening to her chatting away during our reflexology sessions.

Becky will miss Laura and says the school will be much less colourful and exciting place without her she was the life and soul of the class and immensely popular with all the girls-a very rare quality.
Becky and Belinda

Although we didn’t know her very well whenever we saw her she always had a big smile on her face.
Stuart, Kath, Nick, Richard, Faye and Beth

My memory of Laura will be looking so radiant and full of fun while dancing in Bugsy Malone. Lucy will never forget her bubbly personality.
Suzy and Lucy Thornton

We shall always remember her as that lovely little bridesmaid at Sue and Andrew’s wedding just 7 years ago. She looked everything a bridesmaid should be and she behaved impeccably with so much fun in her heart shining through-a real joy.

“To live in the hearts left behind, is not to die.”
Ann and Michael Bolton

My deepest condolences go out to you both. I remember when we went bowling with you Lynne and Laura truly enjoyed meeting you both. Even though I did not see Laura every day I still thought of her, she was very special and her smile made my heart warm immensely. She was a lovely, bubbly, intelligent, helpful person, she was everybody’s friend especially mine, she made me feel really wonderful when we went bowling. Laura was different to any other 11-year-old, she had a glowing personality and she was very loving towards people, she had the laughter of bright, beaming sunshine, she was a great friend of mine and I will miss her deeply.

Love and regards to all of you,
Jenny Bolland – aged 14

Laura was a wonderful, giving person and she gave you all a lot of happiness to remember her by.

“A Kindred Spirit”
Sue, Sam, Heather, Joseph and Beth

Laura must have been very special because even though she is not here in person, she is still making a huge impact. Love is not measured by how much you love but how much you are loved by others. Laura always lived life to the full, in some ways she wasn’t and eleven-year-old, she was 17 at least!

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.”

Laura took that saying to heart without a doubt.
Tim – aged 15

Words are inadequate but are hearts are breaking for you. Laura was such a special girl, with warmth and generosity. She welcomed Chloe into her life and they shared such secrets and joy as well as their troubles.

She was bouncy and bright with such charm. We remember some funny times and wonderful outings together. She will be with us always, forever the little girl with charisma. We remember with love our shining flower.
Anne and Chloe

Laura had a lovely, gentle nature and was always smiling even when faced with her recent worries. Laura was sweet and gentle and very well liked amongst her peers and the staff.
Paula Needham – Science teacher- NGHS Junior School

Laura was an amazing girl and (in the words of Sarah) an ‘absolute legend’. She was vivacious, intelligent and genuinely loved by everyone.  I will miss her.

The world will be a sadder place without her.
Debbie, Oliver, Samantha and Gabrielle

Laura will always be very fondly remembered by Walter, especially for being ‘ Mary’ in the Nativity .
Rachael, Dave and Walter Mann

Laura will always be there and remembered as the beautiful human being she was.
Jayne, John, Stephanie and Alex

We will always remember her lovely eyes and fabulous smile, which was often accompanied by a giggle. The wonderful afternoon we spent together just before you went away will never be forgotten.
Valerie, Mark, Matthew and Harriet

I will miss Laura very much and think of her lots.


Laura was so wonderful.
Tony, Lorna, Steve and Claire

I will remember her best crabbing in her brand new skirt.
Helen, Bill, George and Joey.

I won’t forget the times I was invited to your house to play with Laura. We used to play on the swings for hours. I will always hold on to the treasured memories of me and Laura.
(Little) Lorna

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the best three years of my life. I will always remember how you make me happy. I will always be thinking of you, I’m so glad we have been friends.

P.S “Fifi, they are not your shoes!”

We’ve lost a wonderful friend and you have lost a beautiful daughter and sister.
Chloe L and Megan H

(to Sarah) I remember when I used to look after you, you were always so kind to Laura, and she loved you so much-always wanting to do what you were doing.
Brenda Spencer

With every new moon that grows, and every new star that shines you will always be in our hearts and forever in our minds. Rest in peace Sweetheart.
Cheryl, Wayne, Nick and Lauren

Laura was a lovely child and we all miss her gorgeous smile, flashing eyes and sunny personality.
Graham, Judy, Rebecca, Zoë and James

We have walked the path you are walking now and know how devastated you feel at this time. Your faith will help you, and remember to thank god for the privilege of having Laura even for so short a time, memories of her will last your lifetime but I can assure you the pain will go.
Mary and Neville Gough

You were such a special happy person. Always smiling and fun to be with. I will always remember our life-changing chats we had on the trampoline!  I will never forget you Laura as a wonderful person and friend.

I am so sorry about what happened to Laura. She was a wonderful girl and very grown up for her age. She will never be forgotten by any of us. We all have such great memories time s spent with her. The number of people who have come round or sent cards and letters show how much she was loved. She will always be with us.

I will always remember Laura as being here for other people, the way she always had a happy smiling face and for being trendy and cool.  
Grace Morledge

To find the words to help at this time is difficult, our hearts are too full for words, and I cannot imagine your grief. I can see Laura with her cheeky smile and loving ways, a wonderful, bubbly gorgeous girl with so much energy and so much going for her, a credit to you. I can only smile when I remember her growing up and the love and pleasure we shared during those early years. Such memories will be stored and lovingly cherished. I can only offer words as comfort to you Lynne, but hope you will store them with all the others and use them when you need to ease your journey through the coming weeks and months.

All our love
Auntie Christine, Mat, Michelle and Ben

Laura, I have had many friends  who have come and gone, but I have known you and been friends with you forever and I always will be. I know there have been times when we have spent more time together and shared more than we have recently be we have had millions (probably literally) of sad, happy, fun etc. times that we have shared and those can never been taken away from us. I know that someday we will have moments together again and if that time is far away then it will be worth the wait.

I miss you and love you so so much and am thinking about you everyday

Lots of love

When we met you both in July she was so sweet and so pretty that our hearts go out to you
Richard and Wendy Nicolle

Finley has asked me to let you know that he will always have special memories of his friendship with Laura. I am sure those memories will endure
Gina and Finley Turner

I know where you are my love,

You’re where you should be up above.

Up there with the stars and sky

You always said you wanted to fly.

Enough of what you wanted to be,

It doesn’t matter now you’re free.

Like an angel with wings

Ready to do anything.

Be what you what you want to be

See what you want to see

You’re my Rose forever

Grace Goodey

The look of love was in your eyes for me and love is in my heart for you Laura. When I see the waves caress the shore I know that’s where you’ll be and I shall think of thee. A kiss on each cheek for you from me.  Goodnight and God  bless.
Jan  Jan

Laura will be in all our thoughts and I shall never forget those happy dancing eyes.  Laura will always be a star and I will never forget her.

I was, as she put in her gift at the end of term ‘a wkd teacher’ and I loved her very much and I shall miss her hugs.  Remembering the ‘cool’ and ‘wkd’ times we had and remembering Laura.
Jacqueline Thornewell – T A and After School Club – NGHS

We have just returned from Vounaki…….  On the Sunday night before the prize-giving meal the whole club stood for a minute to remember Laura.
The Gillott and Sherwin families

It seems only a few days ago that we were watching Laura in Bugsy and remembering Sarah in the same role…. I know Laura was looking forward to joining her big Sister in the SeniorSchooland we were equally pleased to be having her with us.
Angela Rees – Headmistress – NGHS

You’ll always be with me but you’ll never again answer the door to me, then go looking for the key!  Or want me to bounce you on the trampoline but be somehow unable to keep your legs crossed…… There are hundreds of cards and flowers to your Mum and Sarah because so many people love you and them.

My experience of Laura was of a happy, loving and extremely caring young woman.  She was sensitive, self-effacing, observant and protective. She also had a strong sense of independence which together with her maturity commanded respect.  I greatly enjoyed having her in class. She was a joy to teach and she was always eager and helpful. She had, what I can only describe as a golden personality.  She was a very special someone who I shall miss enormously.  It didn’t surprise me, with all these qualities, that she often chose to play a nurse in improvisations…….

She touched others lives with her tenderness and caring.  She was a rare child who was a lot older than her years and who I never heard say a bad word about anyone.  She always looked for the good in others.
Becky Valentine-Hagart       Speech and Drama Teacher – NGHS

For Laura

You will never really go

You will be in the wind that makes the Autumn leaves blow;

You will be in the icy glitter of winter snow;

You will be in the scent of spring flowers after gentle rain;

You will be in the sunlight that ripens the summer grain

Your memory and spirit will always remain.

Wendy, Geoff, Jessica, Fenella and Caitlin


.. But shall the angels come to call much sooner than we planned, we’ll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand……. My heart is broken but my love for you is eternal……. until we meet again…….

 mum xxxxxx


 What a lovely tribute to a much loved daughter. She comes across as a sparkling and lively soul, she’d have probably laughed at this special gift to her! I hope and pray that the pain is fading and that the memories are full of love and laughter.


Dearest Lynne, Much of what I want to say was conveyed in my poem at the time, but I want to say one more thing. If you ask “Why?” – alas, I have no answer in this world. If you say “Where is God in all this?”, I can tell you He is with you now and always has been, He weeps for your pain and searing loss, He smiles with you at the wonderful memories Laura left behind. He will not leave you, He knows your heart. He is there for you if you but call on Him. In my experience, God does not always calm the storms of life, but He can calm the child within the storm. The website is a lovely tribute, and as Laura was a blessing to those who knew her, so I pray that the Laura Rose Trust will prove to be a blessing for other of the world’s children in need or distress.
God bless, Gill N xx


Even though Laura has gone in person, her spirit still lives on the smiles and laughter of others. This website shows how much of a wonderful, beautiful person and daughter she was. She will always have a place in my heart.
God bless, Jessica Nicklin xxx



What can i say, we had so many fun times and within the 2 years i knew you i wouldn’t of changed any of it, your laugh, your smile you would cheer me up and always would have something funny to say, i still think of you upto this very day, you’ll always be in my heart…….

. xXx Lora xXx

Memories of Laura Rose Morgan