Laura’s Life

Laura was a Goose Fair baby – born  late on the evening of  Thursday 3 October 1991 at Nottingham City Hospital.

Her Mum and Dad were Lynne and Graham Morgan and she had an older sister Sarah.  Her  grandparents were Keith and Shirley Hoskins and Vera and Albert Morgan.

Laura attended Mountford House School in Nottingham  before achieving a place at the Junior School of Nottingham Girls High School where she spent four wonderfully happy years. She died on holiday in Greece on 31 July 2003 just before her 12th Birthday.

She played hockey, loved ice skating but most of all she loved her friends and family and was thoroughly enjoying growing up. She was mature beyond her years with a profound sensitivity to the world around her.


My Top Ten School Moments

1. The last scene in Bugsy when we all got pied 

2. London

3. The drumming workshop in multi-cultral arts week. 

4. Induction day for year 7. When Mr. Machell sang.

5. Castleton – the pyjama party. 

6. Mrs. Everett dancing on the sink singing Kylie in year 5.

 7. Making new friends on the first day. 

8. When the scenery fell down in Bugsy. 

9. Laura’s surprise party in 2002. 

10. All the non- school uniform days.      by Laura Rose Morgan  June 2003


White Bird, Magic Bird  written by Laura Morgan

White Bird, Magic Bird,
Carry me away to a magic place.
That I can stay.
It has trees as giant lolly pops
And the sky is a big cloud of candy floss.

White Bird, Magic Bird,
Take me across a lake of candy,
With fish that are fudge and crabs that a
re chocolate.

White Bird, Magic Bird,
Take me over a mountain that’s a
Big pile of jelly with sugar on the top and
Buy me some skis that are made of jelly babies
So I can ski on the mountains.

White Bird, Magic Bird
Take me home so that we can
Have some rest.